Retirement Solutions, your premier resource for individualized retirement plans, offers a variety of services and products to help you break through the roadblocks of money management.

NSIDE Business Journal – February 2010
The Early Bird
By Mario Ochoa

It’s about 4 p.m. on a recent afternoon, and Robert Cadena, owner of Retirement Solutions, is wrapping up a client report. Even with a reporter in the room, his focus is dedicated to his clients.

It’s not an uncommon scene, as Cadena is known for his attention to detail. It’s a trait that began during his career’s infancy.

Collecting the Pieces

Cadena began his rise as a student at Southwest Texas University (now known as Texas State University). There, he studied business administration and became a standout student. Cadena wasn’t just stellar in the classroom; he was a gifted athlete as well, starring as a freshman at National Christian University during its run to the College World Series.

After college, Cadena set a course for the MassMutual Financial Group, where he excelled for nearly 10 years as an investment manager. There, he managed over $100 million of assets, and served as the president of its San Antonio Agent Association in 2006.

During his nearly decade-long tenure at MassMutual, Cadena earned distinctions that many others in the industry strive to emulate. From 2004-2007, Cadena attained the company’s prestigious “Top of Council” recognition for being one of the firm’s top 100 agents. He was also honored as the youngest member of the MassMutual’s Chairman’s Club in 2005.

Behind each one of his accolades was a drive to succeed that pushed Cadena to levels rarely seen in someone so young.

“One of the biggest obstacles coming up was trying to get people to believe that I could manage their money,” says Cadena. “People looked at me and said, ‘How is this guy going to manage my money when he’s so much younger than I am. What does he know about managing finances?’ ”

In order to dispel this notion, Cadena worked harder, often times into the late hours of the night in an effort to establish himself in an industry that can be unforgiving.

“There are times when I would work 80-90 hours a week,” he says. “I would sit at my desk and I was determined to get clients. I would work harder because I had to.”

Solving the Puzzle

Cadena’s persistence opened doors and placed him at the top of his industry. Today, he is the visionary leader of San Antonio’s Retirement Solutions. Located on the access road of 281 and Jones Maltsberger, it offers investment solutions designed specifically to be a perfect fit for its clients’ retirement needs and goals. Like its puzzle piece logo implies, Cadena’s company helps solve the maze of retirement planning.

“We are about taking care of the client,” says Cadena. “We present what I like to call ‘concierge service’ to everyone who walks in our door. At a lot of other financial firms, you are a number, but not with us. We make every effort to cater to the client by working smarter not harder. This means less paperwork, clear and concise explanations about your money and investments, and one-on-one consultation. This is your future, and we understand that it’s important to you.”

Cadena and his staff specialize in helping people look toward retirement with an eye on financial security. Retirement Solutions offers services in the following areas: wealth management, retirement planning, estate planning, investment management, and portfolio analysis. Each one is provided with the same dedication to excellence that Cadena has made a hallmark for over 10 years.
“My business is built on my client’s trust and loyalty,” he says. “Over 90 percent of my business is referrals, which means that people are satisfied and sharing my name with others; this means a lot to me.”

Eye on the Future

For each of Cadena’s current and prospective clients, connecting the puzzle of retirement is a challenge that doesn’t end with one consultation. It takes time and relationship building to ensure that goals are not only met, but exceeded.

With a management team and staff concerned with the goals of its clients, Retirement Solutions is a force in San Antonio’s financial planning market, with an emphasis on making your dream a reality.

It’s a quality Cadena used to surprise his doubters and make a name for himself. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, so he started early.