Retirement Solutions, your premier resource for individualized retirement plans, offers a variety of services and products to help you break through the roadblocks of money management.


IRAs & Rollovers

IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts) are savings plans with special tax breaks that can help you grow your savings for retirement. Get personal guidance on your IRA strategy with Robert’s financial expertise.

Financial Analysis

Do more to help manage your money more effectively and achieve your personal financial goals through personal financial analysis.

Retirement Income Planning

A great way to help achieve financial independence is by establishing a personal retirement plan using the right combination of strategies.

Risk Management

Successful investing is based on managing risk. By understanding what risk means, Robert can help you develop a customized investment strategy to use to your advantage.

Fixed Annuities

There are four basic types of annuities: fixed, immediate income and modified guaranteed. Depending on your individual needs, Retirement Solutions can help determine the best one for you.


Real Estate Investment Trust.

Variable Annuities

Managed Futures Funds

Life Insurance

Whatever your budget and your needs, a life insurance policy from Retirement Solutions can help protect those who matter most to you.

Estate Analysis

Estate analysis is one of the most important steps to take to ensure your estate is settled the way you desire. Retirement Solutions can provide assistance to protect your assets and to make sure your final property wishes are honored. By taking the time to listen and understand every one of his clients' diverse needs and goals, Retirement Solutions' financial services are designed to match his clients perfectly. Highly qualified and service-driven, our team is ready to put his considerable expertise into delivering comprehensive solutions that work for you.

Long Term Care

Unlike traditional health insurance (including Medicare), which mainly covers medically necessary care to help those who are sick or disabled recuperate, long-term-care insurance kicks in when a policyholder suffers from a chronic condition and needs assistance with basic tasks such as bathing and eating. Most long-term-care insurance will cover the costs of nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, adult day care and even in-house care.

For some, such coverage can be a lifesaver. But whether it's right for you depends on a number of factors, including your finances, your family's health history and your tolerance for risk. Retirement Solutions can help you cut through the hype and take control of the final years of your life.